Monday, September 15, 2008

Obama Ends Affair With Layman Brothers

It appears Obama’s close ties to Lahman Brothers came to a crashing end today with the announcement of Lahman Brothers bankruptcy filing. Until recent weeks Obama’s door was open to some of Lahman’s most senior executives in discussing banking and investment issues with his most trusted advisors. While the national media seldom, if ever, covered these stories, little tidbits would come and go in trade publicans dealing with financial issues.

The only trail left now is to “follow the money” to see that Obama’s door was wide open to people from Lahman Brothers. So far (as of 7-31-08 federal campaign reports) Layman Brothers had dumped nearly one million dollars on people running for the office United States President. Twenty-four people started the race and two remain.

Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Obama where graced with nearly 60% of Lahman Brother connected money. Obama was bestowed with the second largest share of 27% of the million dollar “pot of gold!” The only person gathering more was Clinton, who was earmarked with more then 30%.

In trying to cover all their bases those connected with Layman Brothers shipped John McCain a tad over 10% of their money. Many financial companies found McCain not their liking as he agreed with their thoughts some times and at others strongly opposed them. He was not a sure bet to protect their interests.

Look at this way when Layman Brother connected people passed their money around. Hillary got a quarter and a nickel out of every dollar, Obama then had a quarter and two pennies set in front of him, and McCain was left with a thin little dime. Even Biden, who lasted only through the Iowa caucus, was handed two cents of every dollar!

Like so many things in life the truth often shows it way by following the money and not the words of the speaker.

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